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faq : frequently asked question

About Smart Inventory :

faq   How long does will it take to get my company up and running?

Depending on how complex your business is, you can get up and running in just a few hours. We have industry specific "quick start" databases that come pre-formatted. This means that most of the setup is already finished and all you have to do is start entering your customers and employees.

faq   Are your programs easy to learn?

We think so...and so do our users. Smart OMS software was designed to be used by the average business owner or employee, not computer scientists. Smart OMS is intuitive and easy to use because they are designed with the look and feel of software you use everyday.

Order Management Software   How does your pricing work?

Unlike many other software companies, we don't nickel and dime our users for every feature. You won't have to purchase different modules that start adding up to very expensive software. Smart Inventory Software is priced by user so the software is relatively inexpensive for smaller businesses and goes up for larger ones. Because pricing varies.

Order Management Software   Can I use your program on more than one computer?

Yes. Smart OMS Software is designed for multi-user environments. All of your organizations information is stored within a single database, so if someone makes a change on one computer, it immediately shows up on all other computers.

Order Management Software   I like to work from home on the weekends, can I access my company data from home?

Sure. As long as you have an Internet connection at your office and your home, you can work from home just as if you were at the office.

Order Management Software   Does Smart OMS Software run on Microsoft Terminal Services? Do you support it?

Yes and yes. Please call sales for detailed hardware and software specifications for running Smart OMS on Microsoft Terminal Services.

Order Management Software   Can Smart OMS Software really handle scheduling, billing and payroll as well as manage all of my customers and employees information?

Yes and a whole lot more! The key to administrative success in service businesses is the ability to integrate all these components into a single system. Smart OMS software does just that. Gone are the days of entering customers into a scheduling system just to reenter them into the accounting system.

Order Management Software   I run my business in a very unique way. Can your applications conform to my business?

In most cases, yes. Smart OMS software is highly configurable. Since we have thousands of users covering a broad range of service industries, our application has to handle all the special ways service businesses are run.

Order Management Software   I see that your application has an inventory component. What if I don't need that?

Just turn it off. Our application has many features just in case your service business requires it. We have worked hard to allow each user to use the areas they need and simply turn off the areas they don't. Just remember, if you ever decide you need some additional functionality, all you have to do is turn it on.

Order Management Software   Can Smart OMS software handle the needs of a Franchisor or a large enterprise service business

Absolutely. Smart OMS software uses SQL Server database and has multi-region and multi-branch functionality. Security rights allow for branch level users to only view their branches data while company level users can view all branch data.

Order Management Software   I already have all my customer data in an existing program. Do I have to re-enter all that data into your program?

We hear this question all the time! Many companies feel they are being held hostage by their current software program simply because they don't want to re-enter all their data. Move your data yourself with our customer import wizard or have our data services staff move it for you.

Order Management Software   How can I be sure I'm getting a software program that's being used successfully by other companies?

Smart OMS software has been purchased by Unilever, a 50 billion dollar company, many Franchisors with hundreds of offices and thousands of small and medium sized businesses. A few of the companies that use Smart OMS software are displayed on our Web site's home page.

Order Management Software   II've never purchased business management software before, do you help me get up and running?

Yes...and I'm glad you asked. This is our claim to fame. Most people that purchase Smart OMS software are purchasing business management software for the first time. We have a "Starting Right" class that will help start you in the right directions.

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